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The best surf vacation in Portugal!

Summer 2021


Waiting for the opening of the borders ...

1 shift 15.07-1.08 --1450 euro  (if booked before June 15, then € 1550)
2nd shift 01.08-15.08, 3rd shift 15.08-29.08 --1550 euros (if booked before June 15, then 1650 euros)
* when booking 2 or more shifts, discounts, bonuses for companies from 2 children

More surf, skate, ocean, castles, beaches and sun !!!

Living by the Atlantic Ocean, surfing a lot, exercising, relaxing and traveling - this is not the best vacation!
The coolest surfing in Europe is of course Portugal in Peniche! The conditions are really the best here. All types of waves, for beginners at the very shore on the foam (start knee-deep in water), for progressive soft waves on the line-up.

Peniche is a small peninsula in the central part of Portugal, which is surrounded on three sides by the ocean and the waves on the promontory beat against the huge beautiful rocks. This is a surfer's paradise, as it is recognized throughout Europe, there are spots for all levels of training and a very diverse type of waves, which depend on the unique topography of the bottom. The beaches are huge and sandy, a training place without rocks and reefs.

Our experienced team of trainers together with Surf School instructors will professionally train beginners from scratch and upgrade advanced riders to a high level.

The morning in our camp will traditionally begin with exercise and the ocean. Hearty breakfast, skate and longboard training in skate parks and pools. In Peniche itself there are many interesting places where we will spend time between workouts.

At surf training, an active warm-up is always carried out, children are divided according to the level of training, skiing places are selected for each group with their own coach.

We will not miss a single sunset, be it a jog, a longboard walk along the coast or a get-together with friends!

In addition to surfing, we have prepared an exciting program with quests and walks in medieval towns, light trekking in the mountains, trips to the coolest surf and skate spots where the stars ride,  master classes from our teachers, theoretical lessons about the ocean and surfing.

Our surf instructors, as well as everyone who rides with us speaks only English, so it's a great opportunity to practice the language and make new friends from all over the world. And with kids, we always practice communication in foreign languages at home. 

Included in the price:
- accommodation in the house in 3 minutes
from the ocean:
accommodation in rooms 2-4
human, kitchen, large
living room for games and video viewing, shower and toilet in each room;
- homemade food: breakfast, lunch,
  afternoon tea and dinner at home,  fruit is unlimited. Balanced sports
food only from quality products;
-11 surfing trainings (lesson 2 hours, equipment rental, wetsuit);
-training on a skateboard and on a ramp;
-learning the elements on the longboard;
- training in general physical training, stretching;
-parsing of workouts
- 3 trips:
  to medieval castles  and sights (Lisbon, Sintra, Obidos, Nazare, Cape Roca, etc.), easy trekking, excursion to the factory
surfboards Fatum, excursions to the caves and
  etc .;

-Basic course of English (we practice English in conversations and everyday life, only practice)

-master classes and group trainings

-thematic quests
-all transfers in the camp
-transfer: Lisbon airport - Peniche and Peniche - Lisbon airport (subject to arrival on the days of arrival)
-sport insurance 30 days (surfing, wakeboard, skateboard, alpine skiing, snowboarding)

The price does not include visa, flight,
food on the road.
Airport of arrival and departure in Lisbon.
A ticket from Moscow 285-350 euros, Kiev 165-250 euros, Lviv 145-180 euros.

Camp activities

Sports training

professional trainers, accompaniment by Russian assistants in training, the best  spot of Europe for the education of children, safety

Trainings and master classes

training programs, master classes from trainers, group trainings, classes on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, analysis of mistakes by photo and video

Excursions and serious activities

Attractions, castles, mountains, rivers, caves, ocean, beaches, trekking, Lisbon, Sintra, Cape Roca, games and quests based on local legends

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