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Departure to real rocks!

Summer 2021


1 shift 07.22-31.07  

Price: 54000 rub
* when booking before July 5, after 60,000

This has never happened in our camps: real rocks, carabiners, ropes, walks in the woods and gatherings around the fire! This year we are conducting our program together with the professional climbing club "Luch"


July 22-24 training on the basis of the LUCH climbing wall in the format of a day camp from 9.00 to 18.30

JULY 24 at 17.30 departure to the village of Ovsovo from the LUCH climbing wall (in the morning of this day, you must bring all the things for the trip to the climbing wall, if you do not plan to take the child to your place of residence in the village of Ovsovo)

24-31 JULY - stay in  guest house in Ovsovo  not far from the rocks "Paltsevo".

July 31 at 18.00 - return to St. Petersburg.




TRAINING ON THE CLIMBING ROOM: from Thursday to Saturday, 2 workouts per day are planned: from 10 to 12 and from 16.30 to -17-18 hours. The main task these days is to prepare the guys  to climbing rocks, to teach basic skills of belaying, to introduce camp participants to each other.

FOOD during your stay in St. Petersburg: a full lunch in the cafe of the tennis court of the Dynamo stadium, a snack between the walk and games, evening tea with cookies after the second training session.

LEISURE: In the evening, games and quests are planned on the street and in the house, creative workshops,  board and role-playing games, rock climbing lectures. In our teaching staff -  Olga Noskova-Dukelskaya  - a certified specialist in child psychology, organizer of children's trainings. In addition, we invited a well-known teacher of mathematics to this shift.  George Wolfson . Georgy will teach mathematics - logic games - economics and even plans to conduct a mini-game “What? Where? When?"  In good weather we will sunbathe and swim on a comfortable beach with a playground not far from the house.


09:00 - 9:30 - collection of children

09:30 - start of warm-up

10:00 - morning workout

12:00 - lunch

13:00 - walk

14:30 - afternoon snack

15:00 - game program

16:30 - evening workout

from 18:00 - tea drinking, changing clothes

18:30 - end of the day



On July 24 (Saturday) we meet the participants of the program in Ovsovo (Vyborg region, 15 minutes drive from the Paltsevo rocks) in a large guest house. Those who cannot deliver the child on their own, please inform in advance.

Every day during the trip, two workouts are planned on natural terrain.

The Paltsevo rock massif is suitable for climbers of all levels, including beginners. Also, depending on the weather, we plan to go to the Mon Repos Park and, possibly, to the rocks of Lake Triangle (with an advanced group). In case of bad weather in the large hall of our house, we will conduct stretching classes, office work, etc.

ACCOMMODATION and FOOD on the road: Accommodation in a separate house in the village of Ovsovo, 15 km from the rock massif. The house is equipped with everything necessary for carrying out children's programs: separate rooms for boys and girls, a spacious hall for games and events, a large separate kitchen-dining room, a closed area. Homemade meals three times a day, organized by our own chef. There is also a snack in between workouts on the rocks.

TRAINING on the road: Every day from 25 to 31 July in the morning, 2 workouts are planned on the rock mass with a break for rest and a snack. Part of the training -  offp and stretching. Taking into account age and individual  training of children, coaches will adjust the load - some more sport, and some more general physical training and training exercises in a playful way. The training program includes: rock climbing, general and special physical. preparation, stretching, running, rope and harness training, and basic rope climbing skills.

LEISURE: In the evening, games and quests are planned on the street and in the house, creative workshops,  board and role-playing games, rock climbing lectures. The games are aimed at developing communication skills and the ability to work in a team. Also, in good weather, we plan to visit a comfortable beach with a playground not far from the house.


8.00 rise

8.15 charging

8.30 breakfast

9.00 collection for training

9.20 ruler

10.00 -12.00 first training session

12.00 - 13.00 snack and rest

13.00 - 15.00 second training session

15.30 - lunch

16.00 - 17.30 - quiet hour (sleep, creative workshops, board games)

18.00 dinner

19.00 -21.00 evening program

21.30 candle

22.00 - evening tea

22.30 - hang up



Ruzana Strukova - coaching experience with and experience of working with children since 2009. Education: National State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Health named after P.F. Lesgaft. Specialty: Physical culture and sports, specialization - rock climbing. In 2020, she was trained as part of the methodological course: "Organization of the training process in rock climbing for groups engaged in individual characteristics of the state of health." In 2021, she completed a first aid course. Trainings, both for novice athletes and for those who want to improve their skill level.

Valeria Deryabina - Candidate Master of Sports in rock climbing. He specializes in working with children at all stages of sports training. Pupils of Lera are part of the national team of the Sverdlovsk region, perform at official starts and perform sports categories.

Anna Zaikina - Master of Sports in rock climbing. Winner of the Russian Bouldering Cup in 2016

Polina Prasolova - Third grade in rock climbing. Coach for children, teenagers and beginner climbers.

Denis Veiko - Candidate master of sports in mountaineering, extensive experience in mountain climbing, rock climbing, rescue operations, organizing sports camps and hikes.

Irina Veiko - program coordinator (experience in organizing children's camps since 2009)

To confirm participation, you must make an advance payment of 30,000 rubles. The rest of the amount - on the first day of participation before the start of classes.

The number of places per shift is limited !!!

The cost of the program does not include equipment rental!

Climbing shoes for the whole period - 900 r

Climbing harness for the whole period - 900 r

Helmet for the whole period - 900 r

Camp activities

Sports training

professional coaches, certified routes, quality equipment, the best conditions for teaching children, safety

Trainings and master classes

rock climbing lectures, master classes from trainers, group trainings, creative workshops, classes in mathematics, logic games, economics 

Excursions and serious activities

Sights of Vyborg, trekking in Mon Repos park,  games and quests based on local legends, campfire gatherings and swimming in an ecologically clean lake.

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